Customs – and Excise Warehousing

PST OST SPED has customs warehouses and temporary storage warehouses of joint storage space of 5500 m 2 including the following:

Kalisz – storage space 200 m 2 Gądki – storage space 4 500 m 2 Customs warehouse Customs warehouse procedure enables • importers to spread a duty and tax payment procedure over a period of time, • importers re-exporting goods outside the EU to be exempt from import charges, • coverage of customs duty and tax up to PLN 1.3 million. Storing goods in a customs warehouse is not time -limited. Temporary storage warehouse It allows for unloading and letting the means of transport leave without the necessity of submitting the documents required by the Customs Office. After the clients submit the necessary documents, they can declare goods for customs clearance at their convenience. Tax warehouse Tax warehouses store excise goods. If necessary, we are prepared to open such a warehouse for our clients.