Autumn has arrived for good at our bees in the apiary from the Drwęca Valley, of which we are the patron. The bees are getting ready for winter. And winter for bees is the hardest time! To survive it, they must have food supplies and they must be in good condition. Cold is not terrible for bees. When the temperature outside drops below 5 C, they clump together. They make their bodies tremble, and the trembling energy of their muscles generates heat. Although it is as cold inside the hive as outside, the temperature inside the winter hive, where the queen is located, is about 25 C. Bees from the outer layer of the cluster, when they cool down, switch places with bees from the center of the cluster. By cyclically exchanging their positions, they work together to maintain the necessary temperature and basic life functions.

It’s amazing how smart and hardworking bees are. Their lives depend on teamwork. They can survive with a group. We humans can learn a lot from them. Caring beekeepers check the hives in autumn, check the tightness of roofs and ventilation. They preserve them, protect them from precipitation and strong winds. They take care of the safety of bee houses, providing their residents with peace and quiet. Our yellow hives are located in a quiet and peaceful place, away from the hustle and bustle and noise, so as not to expose the bees to additional stress. The hives are properly prepared for the coming of winter, and the bees are under the constant care of beekeepers caring about their safety.

We care for bees because they are our treasure. They pollinate flowers, extend the life of many plant species, and make honey. Delicious and healthy, which especially at this time of year strengthens our immunity. We are fascinated by the life of bees, their intelligence, behavior in a group, stories and legends about these extremely hardworking and well-organized insects. We will share with you interesting facts about honey, bees, hive habits and learn about the amazing abilities of bees.