The Company

PST OST SPED was founded as a family business in 1992 in Kalisz, Poland.

The company originally specialized in customs agencies and international forwarding.

As the company grew larger, new logistic centres were founded in Poland, Germany and Russia. Today we are able to offer our customers global transport solutions individually designed for each customer. PST OST SPED has got 180 employees. We are a member of the Association of International Road Transport Carriers in Poland and the Polish Customs and Logistic Chambers. photo_articleOur main aim is an open, friendly business relationship with our customers. We prefer to work close together with our customer to be able to offer the easiest and most effective transport solution.


Flota OstSped powiększa się o 10 naczep

Nowe naczepy już w drodze. Flota OstSped powiększa się o 10 naczep do krajowego i międzynarodowego transportu kontenerów chłodniczych.